Universal’s Demand Flex

Universal’s DEMANDflex ballasts are high efficiency program start T8, T5HO, and T5 ballasts that have the flexibility of being tuned at circuit level to fixed power levels ranging from 100% to 50% during installation; thus maximizing energy savings. DEMANDflex ballasts install the same as standard program rapid start ballasts, are compatible with occupancy sensors, and typically yield a 10% to 15% power reduction. DEMANDflex ballasts can be integrated with Demand Control Lighting (DCL) controls to create the most cost-effective lighting system available as commands are communicated through existing power connections, therefore eliminating the need to run control wires. A DCL Controlled System can reduce lighting power by up to 50% through the use of gradual fade transitions in order to reduce demand costs and avoid peak charges.To learn more, visit: www.unvlt.com/productLines/ballast/fl_dcl.html

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