T&B’s Cable Tray

T&B Cable Tray wiring systems offer significant advantages in material and labor costs, reliability, adaptability to changing needs, maintenance, and safety over conduit pipe and other wiring systems. Thomas & Betts Cable Tray is available in Aluminum, Pre-Galvanized, Hot-Dip Galvanized, and Stainless Steel and features unique design points such as an Extra Wide Rung Design for maximum cable-bearing surface, Alternating Rungs for top and bottom accessory installation and cable lashing, and a Continuous Open Slot to accept standard strut pipe clamps while providing complete barrier strip adjustability. Other T&B Cable Tray benefits include Ty-Rap Cable Tie Slots and Adjustable Barrier Strips and is also offered as a One Piece Cable Tray system.To learn more, visit: www.tnb.ca/en/brands/tnb-cable-tray-cable-tray-systems/

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